Our objective is to simplify your job, while providing top-notch protection and competitive pricing for your clients. By following the helpful tips below, our service to you will be timely and mutually rewarding. You are welcome to contact us at any time with questions or assistance.

Include a Cover Letter

Provide a letter with detailed client risk needs to help us tailor our coverage and solutions. This will help us provide a more accurate quote. Examples of information to include:

  • Your thoughts about the condition of the buildings, equipment and docks
  • A description of how the inventory is stored and the methods for securing it
  • A summary of the client’s philosophy on employee safety and programs in place (i.e., employee manual, safety training program, etc.)
  • Any other details that will provide further insight into the client’s needs

Send pictures

Photos are an excellent way to quickly provide specific details about the account. Consider sending along photos to illustrate:

  • Condition of the docks
  • Lifting equipment, such as travel lifts, fork trucks and cranes
  • Areas of interest related to fueling, food & beverage, etc.
  • Interior of the shop area, including fireproof cabinets, eye wash stations, tool storage, etc.

Complete ACORD Applications

Fully completed ACORD applications allow us to more accurately quote and bind in a timely fashion.

Submit a Harbor Risk Supplemental Application

Completing our supplemental application is simple. It takes into consideration the limited amount of time an agent has with his or her client and the supplemental application is self-explanatory. Even if you are not extensively familiar with marina operations, you can deliver the relevant information to obtain a quote for your client.

Provide Loss Runs

Please provide five years of loss runs (hard copy) for all lines requested.